Barbara Cole

Flexible work in your current scenery.

Barbara’s long career as an experienced Registered Nurse has taken her from ER and Trauma all the way to Labor and Delivery.

When she decided to leave her permanent position, Barbara skipped retirement and joined Favorite to enjoy the flexibility per diem staffing offers without the long-term commitment of a full-time job.

Why Favorite? “I felt like they were professional. I thought they were considered in where they put their people. They were supportive, and the recompense was competitive, to say the least.”

In fact, Barbara loves per diem staffing so much, she convinced her sister to join Favorite, too!

If you’re looking for flexible work close to home in a per diem position in day-to-day temporary assignments or short term local contracts. The best part of a flexible position in the city you love? A per diem position in the city you love is high paying. Search for Jobs in your area or apply online using the links below. You can also call us today at 1-888-427-7019, or email us at to learn more!

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