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We’re excited to be in Indianapolis! Healthcare opportunities abound across the Indianapolis metropolitan area! Nurses, Allied, Travelers, and many more – we’ve got jobs for you! Check our jobs page today!

Whether you want to work per diem, long-term or local contract, we have the nursing or allied position for you!

With Favorite, you’ll find the job you’ve been waiting for and the job that’s been waiting for you!

Indianapolis' Staff

Gerry GroothuisOperations Manager
Megan LeganRecruiter
Michelle RothenbergerBranch Director
Donielle DallichRecruiter

How To Find Us

Indianapolis - Branch 29
7164 Graham Road, Suite 110
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Local Phone: 317-594-5200
Toll Free: 888-880-8972

Directions: Indianapolis Branch

Check out this season's Indianapolis Hot Jobs!

  • RNs for ICU, MS, GERI, TEL
  • LPNs for nursing homes and hospitals
  • CNAs for nursing homes and hospitals

Spread the word about Favorite and earn terrific referral bonuses! Know a friend who'd be perfect for a job in Indianapolis?

Refer an RN for up to $1,500, an LPN for up to $250 or a CNA for up to $100.

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Nurses and Therapist Jobs with Favorite in Indianapolis IN

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Class Paying
Up To
Class Paying
Up To
RAD $35/hr SPOT $30/hr
CAT $45/hr ORT $34/hr
ECHO $45/hr CVOR $36/hr
ULTR $45/hr OT $45/hr
MAM $45/hr PT $50/hr
MRI $45/hr SPTH $45/hr
CLT $51/hr PTA $38/hr
NMT $51/hr COTA $38/hr
VT $51/hr PHAR $63/hr
RADT $55/hr RD $45/hr
DOSE $56/hr EMT $17/hr
EEG $38/hr EMTP $23/hr
CRT $36/hr PHAT $17/hr
RRT $36/hr PA $54/hr
MLT $35/hr NP $55/hr
MT $36/hr RN $45/hr
HIST $38/hr LPN $32/hr
MSW $35/hr CNA $18/hr