Welcome to the Miami Office

Favorite is always looking for qualified RNs and LPN in all specialties across Southeast Florida. This includes all of Miami Dade County, Broward County, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Boynton Beach.

Our top needs are for RNs and LPNs in the following specialties: ER, ICU, MS, TEL, PEDS, NICU, and PICU.

We also have needs for all Allied Professionals which includes all modalities of radiology, respiratory, OT, PT, ST, and all clinical and medical administrative positions.

Call us today at 877-669-8280 for more information and be sure to ask about our contract shifts!

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Miami - Branch 45
Local Phone: 888-694-6511
Toll Free: 888-694-6511

Email: miami@favoritestaffing.com

Pristine beaches and year-round sunshine. What more could you ask for?  Whether you're looking for a short-term, long-term, or travel contract, Favorite Healthcare Staffing can help you make your career an adventure!

Consider Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, St. Petersburg, and the many beautiful and sophisticated locations Florida offers.  Travelers love the many options Florida offers to nursing and allied health professionals.  Call us today and let us help you find just the right assignment in Florida! Apply Today to receive top pay, great benefits, and flexible assignments!

Spread the word about Favorite and earn terrific referral bonuses! Know a friend who'd be perfect for a job in Florida?

Refer an RN for up to $1,500, an LPN for up to $250 or a CNA for up to $100. The Referral Bonus for Labor and Delivery Nurses has gone sky-high .... up to $2400!


No wonder we're the Favorite Choice for healthcare professionals across America! Apply Today!








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Nurses and Therapists Needed Across Florida

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Class Paying
Up To
Class Paying
Up To
RN $38/hr MT $36/hr
LPN $26.5/hr HIST $38/hr
CNA $15/hr MSW $35/hr
RAD $35/hr SPOT $30/hr
CAT $45/hr ORT $34/hr
ECHO $45/hr CVOR $36/hr
ULTR $45/hr OT $45/hr
MAM $45/hr PT $50/hr
MRI $45/hr SPTH $45/hr
CLT $51/hr PTA $38/hr
NMT $51/hr COTA $38/hr
VT $51/hr PHAR $63/hr
RADT $55/hr RD $45/hr
DOSE $56/hr EMT $17/hr
EEG $38/hr EMTP $23/hr
CRT $36/hr PHAT $17/hr
RRT $36/hr PA $54/hr
MLT $35/hr NP $55/hr
Joint Commission Healthcare Staffing Service Certification

Joint Commission Healthcare Staffing Services Certification